youth in the countryside

Benja Weller and Klaus Münzner are working for neunplus on the international photography-project youth in the countryside. The topic is to focus on the opposites and transformations between urban and rural regions in the field of youth culture.
Project-managers in Germany are Marc Piesbergen and Klaus Münzner, the artisic supervisors in Germany are Wiebke Loeper and Robert Lyons.

There are photographers from 8 different european countries working on the project:

Austria – Kunstuniversität, Linz
Bulgaria – New Bulgarian University, Sofia
Germany – Ostkreuzschule, Berlin
France – picturetank, Paris
Hungary – Universität Kaposvár, Kaposvár
Poland – Warszawska Szkola Fotografii, Warszawska
Romania – Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti, Bucharest
United Kingdom – photodebut, London

In 2008 we`re planing to have an exhibition tour through the 8 countrys and we`ll also plan to realease a book.
We would like to thank bipolar/Bundeskulturstiftung, Allianz-Kulturstiftung and Aktion Mensch for their sponsorship.

Please take a look on our project homepage here