Opening: 6th of September at 7pm
Exhibition: 7th – 9th of September


“Thoughts for the road” is a starting point for two photographers, Arja Hyytiainen (Fin) and Sergei Isakov (Rus) on a future project taking place the coming winter in Russia. The exhibition is organized as an invitation to their visual language and the possibilities to unite two visions into a larger unity.

The exhibition concentrates around human conditions and the seeking paths of the two authors. The conditions and places vary but the people stay the same.

The opening event will also present slideshows and films for a deeper understanding of the two different photographic viewpoints who are now preparing to establish a common project.

The exhibition runs from the 7th until the 9th of September,
at neunplus, Borsigstr. 9 in Berlin-Mitte.

Opening hours: Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm.

Have also a look at Arjas and Sergeis website!

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