Youth in the countryside – Jugend auf dem Lande
Exhibition from 15th of September until 30th of September 2007
Opening on Friday, 14th of September 2007 at 7pm

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© by Benja Weller, Adam Cuhorka

“Youth in the Countryside” is an international photography project in which different collectives and photography schools from all over Europe are working together on one theme.

The project’s title, “Youth in the Countryside”, touches on numerous current questions and discussions that play an important role both across borders and in each individual country: one aspect is the difference between town and country life, with the different lifestyles and development opportunities in each; another is the encounter between young and old, in which the wishes of youth and the experiences of old age often contrast. Furthermore there is the confrontation between preservation and change, which can be observed in the constantly renewed potential for conflict between local traditions and global innovations.
With the increasing popularity of the Internet and electronic media since the nineties, a global media, entertainment and product culture has arisen which on the one hand makes such cultural differences and idiosyncrasies more apparent and on the other increasingly homogenises them.
Young people are confronted with a media reality whose images and promises are often in stark contrast to their own environment.
With exhibitions in Berlin/Germany and Kaposvar/Hungary the bi-national part of the project funded by bipolar/Kulturstiftung des Bundes ends officially.

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© by Alex Janetzko, Ula Klimek

The following photographers will be shown at the exhibition at neunplus:
Nóra Bánkúty
Ádám Cuhorka
Gergely Timár
(University Kaposvár, Hungary)
Conny Höflich
Alexander Janetzko / Ostkreuzschule,
Klaus Muenzner / neunplus
Benja Weller / neunplus
(neunplus in cooperation with Ostkreuzschule Berlin, Germany)

The exhibition will be supplemented with a slideshow of the overall project.

You can have a look at the project homepage here
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This project is supported by bipolar. Bipolar is an initiative project of the hungarian and german cultural foundation to support bi-lateral cultural projects.