Peer Kugler: Photographien 2000 – 2007
Exhibition from 12th of October until 28th of October 2007
Opening on Thursday, 11th of October 2007 at 7pm

urban_places_005klein.jpg lonely_souls_001klein.jpg
© by Peer Kugler

Opening hours: Thu & Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm.

Always carrying a camera with me, this series of photographs evolved from taking pictures “at random”. Rather then preconceiving a project with following guidelines and concepts, the now shown works are developed from several years of photographing. Letting the images talk by themselves and finding their own way. Trying to take photographs by feeling and impulse, rather then conceptualizing them before they are taken. The exhibition is the result of this approach towards photography.

Walking through the streets of western cities, taking pictures “at random”; I have found that loneliness becomes more and more evident. Raising the question why?

There seem to be endless reasons. Disappearing family structures. The growing use of media, separating people more, then bringing them together. The increased speed at which life moves along. The loss of memory, as there is no more time to reflect. Everything has to be there at an instant. Running from one to the other. Lacking the patience life requires. Resulting in more and more lonely people. Lost in our time.

I hope these images will make you stop for a moment. To think about your own loneliness and ask yourself, why? Whether you are alone, or lonely among the many…

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