We are happy to present the new works of a member of our collective:

Thorsten Kirchhoff – ALIBI

thorki_alibi_000.jpg thorki_albi_005.jpg
© Thorsten Kirchhoff

Exhibition from 16th November – 2nd December 2007

Opening on Thursday, 15th November 2007, 19 pm

at neunplus – collective of photographers, Borsigstraße 9, 10115 Berlin

Opening hours: Thu & Fri, 16-20 pm and Sat & Sun, 14-18 pm

Read deailed informations in german here

With the series ALIBI neunplus presents the latest works of Thorsten Kirchhoff, member and supporter of our collective. The pictures appear to be far removed from reality and the present in a strange way. Time and place seem to disappear in these black-and-white photographies – the photographer moves with the camera through timeless and indefinable spaces.

In his photographic work Thorsten Kirchhoff refuses the narration of linear stories. The images, which he finds in his surroundings, follow a melancholic mood. A space of interpretation as wide as possible emerges and the beholder is required to make up his or her own stories. Imaginations, fantasies, experiences and wishes thus freely enter our perception. The atmospherically condensed pictures of the ALIBI series give us the impression of “something could have happened”. As a resolution will not be found, the beholder is left alone with the images and adds the perception of the pictures to his or her own individual contexts.

Personal data
Thorsten Kirchhoff was born in Thuine (Germany) in 1973. He studied Publishing in Leipzig and Photography at fas in Berlin. He worked as a book designer and producer for publishing houses, amongst others for the publisher of photography powerHouse Books, New York. At the moment he is living in Berlin where he works as a designer for magazines. He is a member of neunplus, a collective of photographers in Berlin. His works were shown on exhibitions at the Konika-Minolta Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), at progr (Bern, Switzerland) as well as fas and neunplus (both Berlin, Germany).