PHOTOGRAPHY AUCTION, 6.12.2007, 7pm at neunplus

neunplus will do a pre-christmas-photography-auction. neunplus is a non-profit organization and all members are covering the costs of the gallery. In order to improve our financial situation at the end of the year caused by increasing operation expenses we have to fix this hole and decided to organize a photography auction.

These photographers already donated a print:
– Jan von Holleben
– K.
– Peer Kugler
– Karen Linke
– Andreas Pein
– Ulrich Hagel
– Wolfgang Bellwinkel
– Jan Michalko
– Conny Höflich
– Georg Knoll
– Thomas Meer-Berlin
– Benja Weller
– Eric Schuett
– Kathrin Ollroge
– Sandra Kühnapfel
– Klaus Münzner
– Mirjam Siefert
– Thorsten Kirchhoff

We will update the list daily and will also show the prints online soon.
Who likes to donate photographs for the auction please email us.

All of the amount goes to the empty neunplus-cash box.
We expect really fair prices: the calling price is 10 EUR for every print!!!

At this evening we will have music and will offer drinks e.g. Glühwein (mulled wine).

Hopefully we will see you there.