We`re happy to present the work of the swiss photographer and tangophoto-co-founder Thierry Kleiner in Berlin:

Thierry Kleiner / tangophoto – Heidi`s Land

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Exhibition from 11th until the 20th of april 2008
Opening Thursday, 10th of april 2008, at 7 pm at neunplus
Opening hours for the exhibition: Thu & Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm

‘Heidis Land’ is about the zone between clichées and reality. Clichés are built up over a long time and they infiltered our imaginations, thinkings and views on a country or culture. ‘Heidis Land’ is a confrontation of the clichés in my mind and the reality as i live and feel it. ‘Heidis Land’ deals with the perception of Switzerland the Swiss like to convey, and the tourists likes to see.
But what do we see?
How do we want to be seen?
Will our perception not deceived by a marketing almost bordering propaganda and transfigured by a romanticized idea which is build up through time and history and
becomes a cliché?
Thierry Kleiner was born in Switzerland in 1969, lives and works in Berne.
He is co-founder of the international photographers collective tangophoto

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