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Conny Höflich and Marc Piesbergen are representing neunplus andOstkreuzschule for the youth in the countryside exhibition in Kaposvar.




SlideNite Special: Thierry Kleiner (Tangophoto) is presenting the SlideNite at Progr – the center for cultural productions in Bern, Switzerland. Thierry invited neunplus for the Progrfest on the 8th of September.
The show includes works of: Carolina Gumz, Klaus Münzner, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Benja Weller, Lina Grün, Mirjam Siefert and Annette Assmy.

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youth in the countryside

Benja Weller and Klaus Münzner are working for neunplus on the international photography-project youth in the countryside. The topic is to focus on the opposites and transformations between urban and rural regions in the field of youth culture.
Project-managers in Germany are Marc Piesbergen and Klaus Münzner, the artisic supervisors in Germany are Wiebke Loeper and Robert Lyons.