Anouk Kruithof
“Show me Something”
03.10. – 12.10.2008
opening: 02.10., 6pm
opening times: Thu/Fr: 4-8pm
Sa/Su: 2-6pm
from “the black hole”-project
© 2006
by Anouk Kruithof/ Jaap Scheeren


We`re happy to present our first exhibition after the summer-break:
Stefan Bladh – HISTORY
opening: 04.09.2008, 7pm
exhibition: 05.- 21.09.2008
opening times: Thu-Fr: 4-8pm / Sa-Su: 2-6pm
“We set out into the unknown. Because of desires difficult to appoint.
To escape something or to discover something.
Nostalgia is present: in search of something we have sensed or
experienced far earlier,
preserved like flies in resin, in other places where time has moved in
different circles.”
Per Wästberg
Stefan Bladh is based in Stockholm. In recent years he has lived and travelled
intensively throughout Eastern Europe and Middle Asia.
The History Series reflects his personal experiences in the Eastern European
He is represented by the agency Bildbyrån Silver
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HIJACKED – the photography book LAUNCH + EXHIBITION

Book LAUNCH, presentation and opening of the exhibition: 22.05.2008, 7pm

Exhibition: 23.05. – 01.06.2008
opening times:Thu,Fr: 4–8pm / Sa,Su: 2–4pm


We`re happy to present the work of the swiss photographer and tangophoto-co-founder Thierry Kleiner in Berlin:

Thierry Kleiner / tangophoto – Heidi`s Land

klt-0407-029-02_66klein.jpg hl-jura-11-06bklein.jpg

Exhibition from 11th until the 20th of april 2008
Opening Thursday, 10th of april 2008, at 7 pm at neunplus
Opening hours for the exhibition: Thu & Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm

‘Heidis Land’ is about the zone between clichées and reality. Clichés are built up over a long time and they infiltered our imaginations, thinkings and views on a country or culture. ‘Heidis Land’ is a confrontation of the clichés in my mind and the reality as i live and feel it. ‘Heidis Land’ deals with the perception of Switzerland the Swiss like to convey, and the tourists likes to see.

We proudly present the first exhibition this year at the neunplus gallery:

Andreas Pein – Wading

wading_ap009.jpg wading_ap00001.jpg
© Andreas Pein

Exhibition from 15th of February until 9th of March 2008

Opening on Thursday, 14th of February 2008 at 7pm

at neunplus – collective of photographers, Borsigstraße 9, 10115 Berlin
Opening hours: Thu & Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm.

Andreas Pein – Wading
Die Intention der Serie “Wading” ist der Versuch, die Anrainerstaaten des Schwarzen Meeres als geografischen Ort aus seinem historischen und gesellschaftlichen Kontext herauszulösen und in assoziativen Einzelbildern wiederzugeben.

Andreas Pein, 1970 geb; seit 1995 Realisierung diverser fotografischer Projekte; diverse
Ausstellungen in Deutschland, Polen, Frankreich, Russland; lebt und arbeitet in Berlin

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We are happy to present the new works of a member of our collective:

Thorsten Kirchhoff – ALIBI

thorki_alibi_000.jpg thorki_albi_005.jpg
© Thorsten Kirchhoff

Exhibition from 16th November – 2nd December 2007

Opening on Thursday, 15th November 2007, 19 pm

at neunplus – collective of photographers, Borsigstraße 9, 10115 Berlin

Opening hours: Thu & Fri, 16-20 pm and Sat & Sun, 14-18 pm

Read deailed informations in german here

With the series ALIBI neunplus presents the latest works of Thorsten Kirchhoff, member and supporter of our collective. The pictures appear to be far removed from reality and the present in a strange way. Time and place seem to disappear in these black-and-white photographies – the photographer moves with the camera through timeless and indefinable spaces.


Peer Kugler: Photographien 2000 – 2007
Exhibition from 12th of October until 28th of October 2007
Opening on Thursday, 11th of October 2007 at 7pm

urban_places_005klein.jpg lonely_souls_001klein.jpg
© by Peer Kugler

Opening hours: Thu & Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm.

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