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On Sunday there`s an art-auction at Postfuhramt with a new photograph of Klaus Muenzner.

Please have a look at the review at art-magazine !

For all who are in Koeln for the photokina: there`s a group-exhibiton of Klaus Muenzner`s agency deepol with one of his photographs as well (until Sunday)


Please be invited to join our summer-festival:

starts at 5pm
with barbeque, drinks and music outside in our backyard.

from 9pm inside:
neunplus group-exhibition
diverse screenings:
SlideNight: Am Rande der Realität feat. Yann Gross and Martin Kollar (produced by Thierry Kleiner)

hope to see you there…

PHOTOGRAPHY AUCTION, 6.12.2007, 7pm at neunplus

neunplus will do a pre-christmas-photography-auction. neunplus is a non-profit organization and all members are covering the costs of the gallery. In order to improve our financial situation at the end of the year caused by increasing operation expenses we have to fix this hole and decided to organize a photography auction.


On October 26th and 27th there will be the third “youth in the countryside”-workshop.

We will have an official presentation of the project on Saturday, 27.10, 8pm at neunplus.
We`ll show a screening of the project and after that there will be a get together with music, drinks and room for questions and discussions.
We will also show the neunplus-slideshow that Thierry Kleiner (tangophoto) was curating and producing for the slidenight at Progr last month in Bern.

Some more information about the project you can find under: https://neunplus.wordpress.com/2007/05/28/youth-in-the-countryside-project/

Summer Festival Friday 10.8.2007 from 5pm til open-end


Sunny or not: neunplus’ summer festival on Friday, 10th of August starts at 5p.m. at Borsigstraße 9 in Berlin-Mitte. After warming up in the afternoon with some sunny moods of tango/flamenco-sounds (presented by “Flameando”, guitar and flute) we show slide-shows of other collectives which impressed us this summer like:

  • Tendance floue “Mad in China” (www.tendancefloue.net) supported by live dj-set
  • Tangophoto “Tangophoto in China: Sibérie Tropicale by Nathalie Desserme, Discrete Histories by Olivier Thébau, Concrete China by Filippo Romano (www.tangophoto.net)
  • Blow-Up from Brussels (www.blowup-photos.org)
  • Smoke
  • Andreas Pein, Berlin, „A green sky“ und Kai Bornhoeft, Berlin, „Tron“


Just come around and enjoy barbeque, cool drinks, music and screenings in our cosy backyard.

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electrochoc at neunplus

We invited Julie Guiches from picturetank in November for the collective meeting to have one of her electrochoc-sessions.

dsc01553.jpg      electrochoc

Now you can see the results. Please have a look at her great slideshow here
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